I’m so ready for football season. This heat wave is starting to drive me crazy, and football seems to equate cooler weather in my mind. So, bring on the Hokie (and, okay, W&M) gear and tailgating. This girl needs some fall weather, like, yesterday.

I also am ready for things to settle down here for a bit. This summer has just been crazy busy, and I feel like I have been in perpetual catch-up mode. Honestly, I really feel like I’m still recovering a little from working extra in May and June. Pitiful, right? I’m also still adjusting to Matt being away much of each weekend with his new role at church. Really, the job he has now is such a blessing to us, don’t get me wrong. I’m just struggling to figure out how to best make this work for our family.

And then there’s our adoption. I had a big-time meltdown this week about everything. I think I’ve played tough up until now as if to guard myself from the pain of the likelihood that we might not be able to adopt from Rwanda after all. But this week, all bets were off. I had a smeared-mascara-swollen-eyes cry fest about the huge unknowns of our adoption. Poor Matt. Not only did he have to play the role of supportive husband, but he had to put his pastor hat on as I nailed him with some pretty tough theological questions during said cry fest. I think I’ve been reading too much Job and Romans…

Really, I’m okay. I know some of my posts have been heavy recently, but I’m alright. Yes, it’s been a busy, sometimes tough and overwhelming summer. Yes, my type A self is ready to start getting back into a predictable routine again. And yesyesYES I am ready to hear some great, exciting, miraculous news out of Rwanda.

But, still… I’m ready for a change. Football season can’t come soon enough.