Hey there, all you mamas out there. Don’t stop celebrating quite yet. You still have a few more hours of mother’s day to soak in! Say what?

Yes, my friends. It is Mother’s Day once again! In Mexico! Dia de las Madres, they call it. Or something like that. Obviously, I could use a Spanish tutorial or two, as I caused quite a ruckus at work today when I wished a coworker a “happy day of chaos” rather than a “happy mother’s day”. Shoot. I knew I should have stuck to English.

Anyway, I couldn’t help but think what an appropriate alternative name this would be for a day celebrating mothers. Because, goodness knows, my life right now is certainly chaotic. And messy. And noisy. And imperfect.

Hold up. I know. Catch your breath. That’s what I said. We’re not perfect.

My kids are allowed to watch TV.
They throw tantrums. Big, huge, loud tantrums.
We sometimes lose our patience with one another.
I don’t buy much organic.
We resort to bribery on occasion all the time.
My kids prefer chocolate milk to white.
From time to time, I turn the other way when they are having way too much fun jumping on the bed.

And sometimes, when things get really hairy around here, Matt and I just look at each other with that deer-in-a-headlight sorta look as if to say “Please, honey, think quick. I have no clue how to do this whole parenting thing right now, so let’s just count to three and fake it ’till we make it.”

Oh, and for the record, my kids are alive and happy and thriving.

So, just a reminder on Mother’s Day part dos: sometimes, when things get really chaotic, it’s just best to fake it ’till ya make it. The kids will be okay. My kids are living proof.

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  1. in the words of the great Phil Dunphy, "Your parents fake their way through it, you fake your way through it, and hopefully you don’t raise a serial killer." 🙂

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