Visit to mediocre PA at unnamed mediocre retail clinic on Mother’s Day morning:
$25 (and whatever else my mediocre insurance company decides to bill me)

Amoxicillin to fix my various and sundry ailments:

Tons of candy and dried fruit included in my Mother’s Day gifts from Matt and kids:
who knows, I’m thinking it would have been rude to ask

Trip to dentist to fill cavities that will surely result from said Mother’s Day treats:
$2,000, because that’s what everything at the dentist seems to cost

Night away in a hotel next week for some “me time”. All. by. myself.
Priceless. (and, let’s be honest, FREE, thanks to residual hotel points from Matt’s former life as a consultant.)

Is it sick and pitiful that this gift can excite me so much? I have dropped some not-subtle-at-all hints to Matt that I would love a night away just to regroup and recharge. But, as to not heap pressure on him, I made sure to tell him that I didn’t expect to receive this any time this decade. Leave it to Matt to be the best husband ever and spoil me with exactly what I needed (okay, wanted) at the perfect time.

While mothering is, hands down, the hardest, most selfless job in the world, I wouldn’t trade my life and this calling for anything.

But a night off doesn’t hurt once in a blue moon. 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers out there!

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  1. SO.JEALOUS.OF.YOU! Seriously, Matt just took our Christmas idea and blew it out of the water. I will be telling Spence that this would be a gret bday gift, if only August was 3 more months away.

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