Hi, my name is Catherine and I’m an addict.
(Cue: “Hi Catherine.”)

No, seriously.

A little background. There are coffee drinkers who wait a few hours and then hit up Starbucks on their way to work. And then there are coffee drinkers who stumble to the pot the moment their feet hit the ground in the morning. I am the latter. I have never, ever understood people who took their sweet time to meander on over to the nearest coffee joint a few hours after rising. Heck, no. I am a woman with a mission at the crack of dawn o’clock each day.

And so I was this morning… until the unthinkable happened. I poured the water, measured the coffee, and turned the pot on. Nothing. No gurgling of the pot. No drip. Nada.

My heart began to beat a little faster. I started jiggling the pot. Turning it on and off, off and on. Plugging and unplugging. I turned the whole darn thing upside down in case there was, you know, like an emergency switch down there or something.

There wasn’t. By now, I was pacing. Running through the options in my head. Do I go to Walmart now to get another coffee pot? Are they even open at 5am? Do I jump in the car for a big cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee? Yes, that’s good coffee, but I need it now. Shoot, I needed it five minutes ago. I’m starting to freak out a little more. Over coffee. Cheap coffee at that.

And then the pot mysteriously turns on. It’s a miracle! I probably shout some praises to Jehovah Jireh. And then pour an extra large cup of java. It courses through my bloodstream, and at long last I feel good.

As I type this, I seriously believe I belong in a local NA meeting. Y’all know (or maybe you didn’t but now you do) that I love me some drug addicts. No, really- that’s something this clean cut girl is passionate about. (That’s a whollle ‘nother story for a different day.) And this morning I was pretty sure I had become one. Let’s just hope coffee is not the new gateway drug.

Someone please tell me I’m not alone. I can’t be the only one who has practically broken out in a cold sweat over a non-functional coffee pot? Or am I…?

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  1. Jehovah Java!

    I can't believe you didn't go there… and I think I've been hanging out with Danny Franks too long… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. No. You're not the only coffee addict. We may or may not have two back up coffee pots tucked away under the cabinet for such an emergency. We call this being prepared. Also tend to have "coffee bags" on hand. They steep like tea, just in case, you know.

  3. Oh Catherine, I think we could be such good friends. I love me some coffee and panic a little when we run out. I will make Ryan go out and get some McDonald's coffee and tell him he must in order for me to take care of his children.

  4. This totally happened to us this summer, but our coffee pot (which we'd only had for 2 years) officially broke. Luckily, we keep a French Press for such emergencies… and for a week we went the French Press route until we bought a new coffee pot. FP coffee makers are pretty cheap (we got ours for $8 at a Ross/TjMaxx and so worth it!

  5. I completely understand. Especially now that it's dark in the mornings…coffee is non-negotiable. (PS I was on your freshmen hall- Barrett 2nd West – came across your link on Jenna's blog and love your pics and stories)

  6. I am SO with you on this. Here's a tip: invest in some instant coffee for emergencies. ๐Ÿ™‚ Starbucks Via packets have become my new best friend. Do it.

  7. I did the "40 Days of Water" campaign with BloodWaterMission a couple of years ago. The premise is that you drink ONLY WATER for 40 days and donate every cent you would have spent on beverages to efforts to provide clean water to african communities in need.

    I did it because my very first (and sustaining) thought when I heard about it was "No way." No way I could even consider going that long without coffee. Laughable! But then in an instant, God convicted me to realize that my "need" for coffee was not real, and that it was something I cared about more than I should.

    I only share this because that was the exact moment when I realized I had an addiction! So I did the challenge, but I eased myself in the first week. =) And now, of course, I'm back on coffee. =)

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