The week began with a successful soccer game for Carson. It has been somewhat hit or miss this season- he’s either all smiles or ultra tearful. Prior to leaving the field this week however, Carson insisted on talking to his coach. Of course I obliged. “Coach”, he said, “thank you for a wonderful game tonight.” My jaw dropped. Apparently, the child turned thirty overnight.
We wrapped up the week today (because apparently weekends don’t count in my world) with a fun trip to the NC Zoo with the Shelton clan. We were too busy chasing the four kids through the zoo to take any pictures, but I think this shot of Mary Grace (not long into our drive home) sums up how happily hexhausted we were at the end.

Two content, rosy-cheeked children on two separate occasions equate a pretty successful week to me.

So now I shall usher in October with a bit of trepidation, as it is shaping up to be the Busiest Month Everrr.

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