This cute little thing is sure giving me a run for my money these days. Some well-meaning (but, let’s be real, slightly annoying) people will occasionally try to rename the terrible twos the “terrific twos”. Sure, this is a kinder, gentler, glass-half-full approach to this oh-so-special population. But it just doesn’t match up with my experience. So, I’ll revert to terrible.

Seriously, this child can throw some of the craaaziest tantrums I have ever seen. I continue to wait for her to lose her voice from the sheer volume of the screams of which she is capable. And believe it or not, this sweet face sure does have a violent streak. She’s a biter/thrower/hair-puller. Carson has the wounds to prove it. You have been warned.

As challenging as her behavior has been lately, I do find humor in how easily Mary Grace can snap out of her tantrums. Just today, she was going N.U.T.S. in the backseat of the car (because I buckled her into her carseat. oh the tragedy). Oddly enough, Little Miss Drama Queen was able to stop her fit of rage instantly when the Wheels on the Bus came on. There she was, tear streaked face and all, just singing and clapping like nothing every happened. What?!

I have had more individuals than I can name say something to me to the tune of “Mary Grace is so spunky- she’s one you’ll really have to watch as a teenager.” I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry in response. At the age of not-quite-two, this child can give looks that could kill and can stomp her little foot with the best of ‘em.

Let’s just say it’s days like these that I am grateful that God- not what I do or don’t do as a mother- is in ultimate control of how my kids turn out. But if you’ll excuse me, I think I might go bury my head in another Dobson book. Because while I might not be in control of this, I sure could use all the help I can get.

4 Comments on my kids need Jesus

  1. hang in there!! i was laughing the whole time i was reading this post, not because i was laughing at you, but because i know just what youre talking about! it is just a phase…right?

  2. 1. the only person that believe that it is "terrific twos" is Michelle Dugger
    2. feisty is good; comes in handy in life
    3. wearing pink sunglasses upside down is very, very chic
    4. she is just like you, so, what's not to love?

  3. Hollie- haha! Carson is actually 3 (and an all important 1/2), and it has been an interesting age too. "Three is the new two", right? Their personalities are just so vastly different, so it will be interesting to see how things go…

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