Today, I am going to revisit my many summers at camp where, at the end of the day, we would all sit around in a circle to share our “highs and lows” of that day.

So, here we go… Catherine’s highs and lows for the last couple days:

High: Carson sleeping in until 6:30 this morning!! Now, a normal person might not think that 6:30 could be considered “sleeping in”, but when contrasted with the previous week of being awoken at 5 am by a wide-eyed, snotty-nosed little boy ready to play, I was beyond thrilled this morning.
Low: Separation anxiety. As developmentally appropriate as it might be, it breaks my heart to hear Carson wail nearly every time I leave his room after putting him down for a nap.

High: Returning to my new favorite Hispanic grocery store today. I wasn’t lying in my last post- I am mildly obsessed. Forget the elevator music you’re used to hearing in the grocery store, and instead try rocking out to peppy Spanish tunes while cruising the aisles. I came very close to buying banana leaves and a fruit (?) called “tuna”, but I realized that I had no clue what to do with either. Oh well.
Low: While at said grocery store, I decided to check out the meat selection. Bad, bad idea. The pig tongues and stomachs were nasty enough… but come on now, is it really necessary to sell cow “private parts”???? I had flashbacks to our first night in the bush in Kenya when my teammate (I believe that was you, Jenny) was served a similar delicacy. Yummy.

High: Having a good first day at work yesterday… I really do believe that this is exactly where God wants me, and I am actually excited to start seeing my own patients tomorrow!
Low: Getting lost on my way to and from work yesterday. Matt blamed my bad sense of direction, but I put all blame on my stupid GPS.

High: Feeling Carson gripping my legs and pulling to a stand when I’m cooking in the kitchen.
Low: Feeling Carson biting my ankles, shoulders, shins, etc with his razor-sharp teeth.

It’s hard to believe that exactly one week ago we were moving out of our house in Midlothian. It has been an extraordinarily long and eventful week, but we are all enjoying our new life here in North Carolina. Pictures to come soon… I promise!

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  1. Private Part Soup: You are correct…and I have now since become a semi-chicken/fisharian and no longer eat red meat or any sort of pig/goat/ostrich combination…

    🙂 Jenny

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