Whew, what a day! Never in a million years would I have expected to enjoy today’s home visit as much as I did. I’m exhausted though, so I can only think in bullet points tonight:

  • Our social worker was awesome. Very understanding, knowledgeable, and a strong Christian. We spent a good chunk of time talking about the call to adopt and how the Church should respond.
  • Carson not only behaved himself for the thirty minutes he was here with her… but he totally worked his charm! He immediately led her upstairs to show off his room and the rest of the house. At one point, I sensed potential meltdown coming, so I whispered into his little ear something about a future McDonald’s ice cream cone. That did the trick… guess where we went to dinner tonight?
  • It was actually pretty fun and cathartic to spend so much time discussing myself, my family, my childhood, my marriage, etc. When she told me we were done, I almost wanted to ask for more.
  • Our social worker made an observation that really struck me. She said that she has seen a recent increase in young Christian couples adopting from Africa and that she feels strongly that God is up to something big in these countries through these adoptions.
  • I love Gladney a lot more now than I did before. I am completely confident that we chose the right agency to work with… for so many reasons.

All in all, it was an exhausting but encouraging morning. I’m glad I didn’t have time to stress about this because it really and truly was not worth it!

And for those of you tired of reading countless adoption posts recently, I promise a cute picture of the kids tomorrow. Pinky promise.

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  1. Hi Catherine,
    I don't know if you remember meeting me at all, but I'm Amelia's (Libby's friend) big sister. We are also getting ready to start the adoption process (probably from Russia) and I just wanted to tell you that your postings are very encouraging. Thanks! Elizabeth

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