Last week, we celebrated kindergarten graduation.  Kindergarten graduation was not even a thing when I was a kid.  At least not where I’m from.  But these days, it’s not only a thing.  It’s a REALLY BIG THING.  So big that some highly disgruntled parents nearly revolted over the teachers’ decision to do away with the caps and gowns this year.  I have so much I could say about this, but I’ll keep my big mouth shut for once.  Well, except this: they’re five! and six!  Okay, that’s all.  Speaking of the five and six year olds….

I know, right?!  Graduation actually was preceded by the kindergarten play.  Good gracious it was cute.  Carson was a farmer, and I was left praising Jesus at how easy it was to throw some overalls on him as his “costume” and call it a day.


After an intermission and a wardrobe change (it was a loooong night), the graduation ceremony began.  This is the best pictorial evidence I have of this portion of the Great Kindergarten Graduation Event of 2014.
IMG_7338Oh and this.  The granting of the kindergarten diploma.  Listen, I tried, but iPhones can only get me but so far.

IMG_7335These two have become somewhat inseparable this year.  I prayed for Carson to develop sweet friendships this year in kindergarten, and God totally answered those prayers.
IMG_7354We have all been unbelievably pleased with how this first year of school has gone.  We  adore Carson’s school and truly could not have asked for a more perfect fit for Carson and our family.
IMG_7357Carson approached me looking pretty forlorn last week.  When I asked what was wrong, he proceeded to tell me how much he’s going to miss school this summer.  “But at least I have my workbooks to do!” he added.

That’s my boy.

Oh, and so I can remember these things when Carson’s a hot shot “inginer” one day…