This morning, my heart just about melted.

We were playing in Carson’s room with his Hide ‘Em In Your Heart CD on when Carson abruptly halted what he was doing and started chanting “me book me book me book”. He ran to his bookshelf and went on a rampage looking for a book that clearly was in his mind. Finally, he found his book the Lord’s prayer and brought it to me when I realized that the lyrics of the song we had been listening to were… yep you guessed it… the Lord’s prayer.

We read the book- Carson’s hands clasped the entire time- and as we both said “amen” at the end, I thought to myself… “maybe he does pay attention after all.”

I want Carson’s little mind to be so saturated with scripture that even in the midst of piles of toy trucks and trains, he will be acutely attune to “our Father who art in Heaven.” This was just what I needed to press onward.