Top Five Things About Our Weekend Snowed-In:

5. Whoopin’ Matt’s tail in Scrabble… again.

4. Successfully implementing a new potty training reward system. We’re detoxing our rotten toothed son of the “get candy every time you pee in the potty” bribery plan and are now rocking the Blues Clues potty sticker chart. Wild success so far.

3. Staying in sweats/PJs for an entire 48+ hours.

2. Having family church at home yesterday. Yeah, JD’s online sermon was sweet, but I think it was the “sermon” that I “preached” entitled “Be Like Jesus: Perform Acts of Service” that really shook things up. 🙂

1. Spending more unhurried quality time with my family than I have in a long, long time.

2 Comments on snowed in

  1. I think me and you need to take on a game of scrabble together, I beat Zach every time. It's just not exciting anymore.

    I think Ellie was a tad bit upset that she didn't see Carson this week. We think she talks about him to her stuffed friends. We aren't quite sure though because as you know a lot of things sound the same, but we don't know anything that would sound similar to Carson. hmmm…

  2. Zeke totally tried to say Carson today while we checked out the blog. Well, maybe he said car and thought he was going to see a car and got a little frustrated when he saw a boy instead of a car…

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