I’d like to introduce you to Man Allison, the newest member of our family. Carson adopted Man into our family this week and even chose his creative name himself. In a previous life, Man drove a toy school bus, but Carson was taken by surprise when the school bus unexpectedly lunged towards him one day after his well-intending mother pushed the “go” button. The child has been deathly afraid of the bus ever since and decided that he would rescue Man from ever having to drive that wretched thing again.

Man has been intimately involved with every detail of our family’s existence over this past week. He dines with us, bathes with us, and vacuums our carpets. Carson even informs us every time man goes “poo poo” and insists that I apply Desitin to Man’s bottom. Matt thinks this is bizarre, but I think it is really quite endearing. We love you, Man!

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