• Tonight, I came home from work to be greeted by a proud looking husband, shovel in hand, standing next to a freshly beheaded copperhead. Nothing says “I love you” like killing venomous snakes. Thank you, hubby!
  • At work today, I noticed a three year old little girl eyeing my belly. As I chatted with her mom, I noticed she was slowly inching closer and closer to me. Finally, she came close enough to reach her little arm out and quickly touch my belly before she ran back to her mom. We all got a good chuckle out of that one. šŸ™‚
  • Also at work today, I had to do one of those “I’m pregnant and am interviewing every pediatrician in town to see who is good enough for my baby” visits since my boss is out of town. After giving them the obligatory low down on our office and trying to seem as professional as possible (which is tough when you look a 15 year old pregnant teenager), we somehow got on the subject of the surfing conditions in Kill Devil Hills versus Hatteras (thanks, Will). And I told them that they should totally follow their dreams of peacing out of Johnston County to move to the Outer Banks. And… not to brag or anything… I definitely won them over and earned us a new patient because we “seem so laid back around here”. I deserve a bonus.
  • Yesterday, I got a free-after-rebate label maker at Staples. This will revolutionize my life. I want to label everything in sight. Really, it’s that fun.
  • Carson currently has pink eye and an ear infection. He really hates his eye drops, but he really really loves his amoxicillin. Like to the point where he keeps asking for more. And I keep telling him that we’re so not into drug addictions in the Allison household.
  • But he might like Crunch Bar popsicles even more…

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  1. haha i have been meaning to go to my staples to get that labeler!!! My staples here though is often out of them the day the ad runs, but I may look into it!

    I, like Carson, loved amoxicillin as a child!

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