Recently, it’s been the little things that have kept me up at night. Last week, it was my obsession about locating our baby papasan chair in our garage, but thanks to Matt, that has been checked off of my “crazy pregnant lady to-do list”. My conundrum of this week has been figuring out what I want to do about the diaper bag situation with two little ones. Typically, one diaper bag would suffice, but there will be times- like at church- when I will need two. I figured I would keep using my same Vera Bradley bag for Mary Grace but wanted something smaller- but cute- for Carson. See, I told you it doesn’t take much to keep me up at night.

Well, after some googling tonight, I have been introduced to the wonderful world of Stephen Joseph products. Their little quilted backpacks are the cutest things ever, get rave reviews, and can be embroidered! I ordered this train backpack for Carson tonight (with his name on the flap), and I don’t think we’ll be hearing the end of his “choooo choooo” sounds for quite some time now.

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  1. Lots of kiddos at church have them, they are so cute! I have only heard great things. I am trying to figure out which one to get for Zeke…

  2. Lydia has one with a ladybug on it and by far the best part is that she'll now carry her own diaper bag. How fab! Or, if I have to sling it over my shoulder a. it'll fit and b. it's obviously my daughter's, and not just some horrible fashion faux pas.

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