As you might recall, Carson’s experience with Santa last year was slightly traumatic. However, we went out on a limb this year and tried the whole Santa thing again. This year’s Santa was far jollier than the ghetto fabulous Santa from last year, but we all know that the real Santa still resides in Richmond.
Carson did not hesitate to let Santa know that he is hoping to find trucks under the tree this year, but the best part of this festive experience, by far, was Potty Training 101 by Santa. Carson decided that it was fitting to let Jolly ‘ol Saint Nick know that he goes peepee in the potty. At first, Santa looked horrified, thinking that my son had just peed on his red velvet pants. Matt set the man straight, and Santa was cool enough to play right along. He proceeded to praise Carson’s potty training efforts and urged him to try going “poopoo on the potty because it will make life easier for everybody.” Preach on, Santa. Preach on.

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  1. Oh my goodness, those are so precious! I hope to see yall over Christmas, I ran into your mom and dad at Target the other day! Hope all is well with you all! 🙂

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