Wouldn’t you know- the day after I posted about the real Santa residing in Richmond, I caught wind of this devastating news?

Mr. Reuss, you may have gone by Frank among some circles, but to most, you were The Real Santa. We waited in line at Miller and Rhoad’s year after year for what seemed like hours to meet your entourage of The Snow Queen, the elves, Bruce the Spruce… and most importantly, you. Every year, I would look into your sparking eyes and present you with my carefully crafted Christmas list… except that one year when I was just a toddler, and I decided to inform you that “I ate dog food” instead.

Thank you for the memories, Santa. You helped create many magical Christmases for me and thousands of other children around Virginia.

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  1. that is so sad! We were planning to take Mason over that way next week. I wonder who will be Santa now?

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