So, another week has flown by just like that.  And sadly, I don’t have much of an update to offer you.  We still haven’t received Elizabeth’s scanned documents from the orphanage director.  Cognitively, I know that it is not an easy task for him to break away from his responsibilities at the orphanage to travel through a region of unrest to obtain internet access.  However, my heart that aches to bring our daughter home is often a heavier influence on my mental state.  I’m hanging in there, though.  There was a small piece of good news this week!  After sending a few desperate emails, USCIS finally cleared our check for fingerprint updates.  Hopefully, we’ll receive our appointment for fingerprints next week, cuz we’re sorta down to 29 days here to have this completed.  Deep breaths.

While we continue to press on in our adoption rollercoaster, we are so very super excited for our dear friends, Matt and Kim!  They just made their official “we’re adopting” announcement this week, and we are stoked.  Their story oozes God’s grace and patience, and the Lord has used them mightily in our own lives over the past few years.  Simply put, we think they’re pretty gnarly.  (They are surfers.  I am not.  And that is officially the extent of my surfer-talk.  Am I trying too hard here?)

On a different note, I have some bad news.  Are you ready for this?  ……  for some crazy, life-altering reason, I no longer like (or can even tolerate) candy corn!  I know… what?!  I gleefully bought myself my first bag of the season a few weeks ago when I was starting to come down with The Plague, and I almost gagged.  I have tried a number of times since then, and no dice.  Can’t eat the things.  This is all sorts of alarming to me.  It’s like when I was preggo with Mary Grace and decided that I no longer liked vegetables.  Yeah, just like that.  Seriously, what’s next?  Sour gummy worms??  Lentils???

Speaking of Mary Grace, have I mentioned that she will be three in a week?  She’s totally a fifteen year old stuck in a three year old’s body, but still… I can’t handle the fact that, practically overnight, she has morphed out of the baby stage and is now a legit little girl.  Sigh.

Finally, since this is just about the most random post ever, has anyone seen that new show Revolution?  Matt and I are hooked already.  We have been in a state of aimless channel hopping since the end of Lost a few years back, and I think this might just make the cut to be our new show.  It’s weird and sci-fi-ish enough for Matt to like it and yet it miraculously holds the interest of my “I watch too much TLC” self.  It’s a win-win.

Happy Saturday!