Q: Hey Catherine, I’m excited for you and everything but… say what?  A toddler girl?  I thought you were requesting an infant boy!

A: Yes!  It’s a girl!  (And a precious little girl at that!)  When we began this journey in Congo, we felt led to broaden our request to a child of either gender up to the age of two.  Three days after USCIS received our letter requesting this change, we (very unexpectedly) received our referral.  How’s that for divine confirmation?!


Q: So, I assume you’re not naming your little girl “Wyatt”?  Do you have a name picked out?

A: Why, yes.  Yes we do. 🙂  (Hint: it’s not Wyatt.)


Q: Now what?  When will you bring her home?

A: Now the really difficult waiting sets in.  More paperwork and court processes remain… I’ll spare you the details.  However, we have been told that we might be able to travel in as few as four months!!  This would be absolutely awesome, but I have learned not to hold too tightly to adoption timelines.  We’re praying hard for quick travel… our little girl needs to get home!


Q: This has all transpired so quickly!  How are y’all going to cover all of the upcoming costs?

A: Ah, so glad you asked!  God has been so faithful in providing for our adoption up to this point through the amazing generosity of you guys.  Through this and our continued efforts to scrimp and save, we have come further in funding our adoption than I honestly ever thought possible.  But we still have a little ways to go as our lawyer and court fees and travel costs are rapidly approaching.  If you would like to give a tax-deductible donation toward bringing our baby girl home, please contact us at catherinesallison@gmail.com, and I can send you more information.  We’re also throwing around ideas for one final fundraiser… any suggestions?? 🙂  Thank you all for being part of our daughter’s story!

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  1. A lot of people have great success with Chick-fil-A fundraisers. And a raffle and/or silent auction could be easy enough to add on.

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