I have been nesting hard core recently, and as a result, I have the very beginnings of a nursery to show. Matt did an awesome job painting the walls last weekend. We had the Pottery Barn Kids color “Wales Green” matched at Lowes, and I think it turned out great. Also, marvel at my “keep myself busy while the boys are away” projects- the white bookshelf and the hanging letters. I have been feeling quite crafty these days, so there’s no telling what project I’ll start up next.

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  1. Great job, Catherine. I love the hanging letters and the color. Did the boys get home safely

  2. looks adorable-now you can start sewing a curtain for the room and smocking dresses!
    aunt beth

  3. now all you have to do is produce the princess. why isn't there a tiara sitting on the bookshelf?

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