Seriously.  Even in the midst of really tough weeks, this one can make me laugh like none other.  A parent of one of my patients knit this hat for Mary Grace last year, and little miss diva re-discovered it in her closet during one of her “nap times” this week… and will not take it off her head.  I think she looks sorta rastafarian… with french braids instead of dreads.  Maybe?  It was not so amusing, however, when the hat made an appearance at TWO THIS MORNING, prompting her to sing every song in her repertoire loud enough to wake the whole house.  No rest for the weary around these parts.

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  1. My mom just made Ellie a hat that looks like that. But hers has 2 little puff balls on the top. We will have to get them together. I know how much MG loves babies!

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