I’m not gonna lie.  I’m crazy glad that the past month-ish is DONE.  Matt’s been out of town much of it, and it has been hard.  And I have been so tired .  Straight up exhausted, really.  And when I get so very tired, I also tend to get so very emotional.  Let’s just say I have had several epic ugly-cry meltdowns in the past few weeks in my current state of exhaustion.  Poor Matt.  God bless his ever-patient soul.

A few things:

  • I suck at accepting help.  I have had several super sweet friends offer to help me, knowing full-well that I have been in over my head this month, and I just can’t take them up on it.  I know part of this is because in my own prideful way, I want to think that “I got this.”  But another part of me feels like asking for/receiving help can sometimes just seem even more daunting.  Matt thinks I’m an absolute lunatic for having this mindset.  But I surely cannot be the only one.  Please tell me I’m not the only one.
  • On that note, how in the heck do you single moms/military moms/moms of husbands who constantly travel DO IT??  No seriously.  How do you get your kids up and at ’em at the crack of dawn, off to childcare, yourself off to work, and THEN head to sports practices while somehow managing to feed your kids a semi-nutritious dinner prior to the dreaded bed and bath routine.  By yourself.  Because I only did it a handful of times and just about died.  Either I’m just weak or y’all are superwomen.  Probably both.
  • When I find myself desperately tired, I find myself acting semi-crazy.  Last night, for instance, I told Matt that I could very likely drop dead and meet my maker if I had to cook dinner… and that the only possible alternative was to pick up some pupusas at the slightly-sketch Salvadorean orange gas station down the street.  He looked at me like I had lost it but was wise enough to keep his mouth shut.  We ended up at a slightly-less-sketch taqueria up the street, and all were happy.

Despite my annoying whiny-ness, I am happy to announce that there is some good news:

(1) Matt’s back home for awhile. This is a good thing.  A very good thing.

(2) I am alive and am starting to feel slightly less neurotic.  Don’t ask Matt’s opinion on that though.  He might tell you otherwise.

(3) The kids are alive and well.  And they always get along as well as this picture clearly suggests.  Always.IMG_1480