In response to my own husband’s complaints that I have not been updating my blog frequently enough, here are my top five reasons why this is the case:

5. Work has been super busy the past two weeks, resulting in the fact that I have been spending my after dinner “down time” finishing up my charting on the couch. Tis the season in the world of pediatrics, I suppose.

4. Aside from whining (which you’re getting a heavy dose of here), I have not had much to say. Simple as that.

3. My family came to visit this past weekend which was wild but lots of fun. 6 adults + 3 little boys + 2 dogs in our little house = plenty of chaos, but I think (hope) good times were had by all.

2. Three words: all day sickness. Whoever dubbed the misery of first trimester “morning sickness” must have had it easy. Let’s just say that one of my coworkers guessed I was pregnant by my stash of saltine crackers in my desk.

1. I think I probably said this when pregnant with Carson, but allow me to repeat once again that I have never ever felt so tired in my entire life. Super early bedtimes and napping while Carson naps helps to keep me relatively sane, though I continue to apologize to Matt for being “so not fun” recently.

So there you have it. I promise the next post will be a little more upbeat and less whiny, but I just had to get that all out of my system! Until then… go read someone else’s blog!!

3 Comments on why I am a blogging slacker

  1. May I request a guest blog from your delightful husband? Or maybe you can let Carson bang on the keys one day?

  2. I agree with you Catherine… it’s all day sickness. Don’t worry about the saltines… I ate a whole pineapple one day (it was the only thing that kept me from being sick).

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