Last night was a somber night in the Allison household. As we downgraded our DirecTV to the barebones “Family” package, we bid farewell to hundreds of channels including ESPN (gasp) and TLC (so long Duggar family). We knew this day was coming. Our year and a half of a good promotional price was up, and we couldn’t justify paying the full price for the best channels when we have little mouths to feed and my stinkin grad school loans to pay back.*

As I was activating our new account, I was told that our new plan would take effect within five minutes. When Matt heard this, he sprinted into the living room to savor five last minutes of ESPN. As I pushed the “activate” button, I heard Matt sigh and say “well, that was fast”.

Some of you naysayers might be thinking to yourselves, “If those Allisons are so sad about dropping their satellite plan, how are they going to last living with some tribe in Africa?” And to that I say… oh hush up! I never said this was going to be an easy process for us.

And for the record, I still am not willing to give up DVR. I just can’t yet. I will if God tells me to, but I think He likes it just as much as I do. 🙂

* The IMB requires that we pay back at least half of my student loans before we go on the mission field. This is a bit overwhelming for me to think about, but I know God provides. In the meantime, if any super benevolent rich people are out there reading this and feel compelled to give to the cause of “Operation Pay Back Catherine’s Student Loans Because She Saves the Lives of Precious Little Sick Children Every Monday and Thursday” please feel free to contact me. Just kidding… sorta.

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  1. Yeah, we are about to downgrade our plan I think. Spence's parents have given us money torwards our plan each year for Christmas and didn't give it this year, so… bye bye ESPN

  2. Don't know if you know about this already, but has a lot of shows that you can watch via the internet. I don't think they have ESPN, but they may have some other stuff you guys might enjoy. Just a thought:)

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