Confession: as much as I love Christmas and I love going home to Virginia, we always enter Christmas with a bit of trepidation. With so many people to see in Richmond, it is easy to be stretched thin and stressed out during our Christmas visit. That said, this year was awesome. Per usual, I was only able to spend time with a fraction of the people I wanted to, but the time spent was sweet… and oh so needed. For the most part, the kids behaved beautifully. We even beat the snow (by minutes!) after making the decision to leave a day earlier than originally anticipated.

Enjoy this first installment of Christmas pics. There are more to come… and some to be censored. 🙂

Uncle Will with Mary Grace and Maggie. Def one of my favorite pics of Christmas.

Mary Grace was absolutely fascinated with Maggie. For Maggie’s well-being, we had to temper the fascination a bit.

Rachel!! And Henry!! This was a much anticipated (and all too short) reunion, but I am convinced that our kiddos must marry. In thirty years.

Mary Grace’s new ride, courtesy of Aunt Sara! Most certainly a favorite of Christmas 2010.

I could hardly coerce Mary Grace out of my mom’s arms during the entirety of our visit. It’s probably because she slyly slips my kids twizzlers when I’m not looking.It was so cute to see Carson’s reaction to the toys he has been requesting for months on end. Such as this new doctor’s set… because the child is still convinced he wants to go to work with his mama when he grows up.I just had to include this picture of my nephews, Will and Thomas, waiting to go downstairs on Christmas morning. Thomas’ sweet, albeit exhausted, face… and Will’s blurriness… says it all.