More Christmas shots for your viewing pleasure…

Typical. Surrounded by an obscene amount of toys, Carson announced (and still maintains) that his favorite present of 2010 was a 49 cent Hot Wheels car.

Mary Grace held her own in the chaos that was Christmas morning.

More chaos.

Sweet Maggie with Granddad…. prior to his unfortunate run-in with my brother’s new knife and his grandchild’s toy packaging. Lots of blood, one ER trip, and six stitches later, my dad is back in action.

Mary Grace was also crazy obsessed with his uncle Daniel. So stinkin cute.

Matt and his brothers. I love this trio.

Oh, and I had to include this picture of the trip home. After putting the kids to bed on Christmas night, we double checked the weather forecast only to find out that the snow was going to really pick up overnight. Not wanting to drive in crazy weather and knowing that I needed to be back at work on Monday, we transferred the kids to the car and used every spare nook and cranny to fit all of the gifts we had acquired. Poor Chloe could hardly even fit, and we ended up having to pull over to lift her obese self from the floorboard back to her teeny little seat. Of course, the kids ended up waking up mid-journey, but thank God for portable DVD players! Do you see now why we need our minivan??