I know, I know, it’s been a bit of a blog hiatus around here, but we’ve been busy, people! I do have Christmas pictures to post, but before I do so, I can’t let December 31st pass without addressing this past year. And boy has it been a year.

There have been some super tough moments…

We lost our sweet Chloe and cried many tears over her sudden absence.

And we continue to face the grueling wait to bring our son home from Rwanda. As various pieces of potentially devastating adoption news rolled in, we held our breath and clung to who we know our God to be.

Even in light of the inevitable rough days, 2011 was altogether a good year for us.

I have really turned a corner and now finally feel as though North Carolina is home. In a way only God could orchestrate, I went from the mindset of “I hate this place… just get me home to Richmond” to loving where He has us. This really has been a huge deal for us… especially since we’re going on year four of living here. (Yeah, yeah… so I’m a little slow to adapt.)

Matt transitioned into a full-time role at The Summit. While this was obviously a huge blessing, it led me into freakout mode over childcare issues on the two days I work each week. God provided once again. It worked out perfectly for Rachel, an amazing NC State student from our church, to nanny for us throughout the summer until the kids could start at their new, fabulous school in the fall.

We started a new small group with others from The Summit who drive crazy distances to church. Building this community has been a ridiculously crazy blessing for us.

Matt finished seminary. ‘Nuff said.

2011 was good to us. As I have spent the day reflecting on our year, the following verse continued to come back to me time and time again…

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” (Psalm 126:3)

Peace out, 2011…