I blame Matt. And this time, the blaming is completely legit. Matt, apparently a huge Lego enthusiast as a child, has been itching to get Carson interested in the teeny little blocks too. Honestly, I think Matt just wants the Legos for himself, but what do I know?

That said, though, the Lego bug has bitten my child. He has the disease. The addiction. And he needs an intervention. He goes to sleep at night talking Legos and wakes up before the sun wanting to disassemble and reassemble. Every single morning.

Teeny tiny parts and 5am do not readily mix. But when it’s forced by a sweet little boy with bed head and morning breath, I can’t say “no”. I have a weakness for this boy. He knows me and knows me well. He knows exactly which buttons to push, and I will oblige, albeit in a groggy haze.

After a full week of early morning Legos, I found myself yesterday morning lamenting that fateful Target trip in which that telephone line repair truck was purchased. My fingers were fumbling to get those blasted little pieces on the right spot, and all I wanted before a long day of work was some time of solitude.

But then, I was reminded of my recent reading material. For my birthday, my sister gave me Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts. Aside from a beautiful writing style, I loved this book for what it was. In reading this book, I was urged to “intentionally embrace a lifestyle of radical gratitude; and slow down and catch God in the moment.” A reminder that I would suggest we all need from time to time. Or hour to hour.

So, as I caught a glimpse of this book on my coffee table, I was reminded that this was such a moment. Rather than bemoaning the darkness and the still shining moon outside,I would soak in these quiet moments with my boy. With that look of intense concentration as he creates and builds. With his chubby little fingers that will all too soon become man-hands. Before I know it, their childhood will fade away, and I will long for these moments.

When regret becomes gratitude, everything changes.

But if you would excuse me for now, there is a telephone line repair truck needing to be built and a wide eyed little boy calling my name.