Okay, first things first:
1. Yes, Mary Grace is a mess, as clearly depicted by yesterday’s picture. This is her normal post-nap ‘do.
2. No, she does not have a huge zit on her forehead, nor has she converted to Hinduism. This scab mysteriously appeared on her face after an apparently eventful night of “sleep”. Maybe this explains the bedhead referenced in point #1.

And now, please partake in some sibling cuteness. These are not staged. They really love each other that much. Rumor even has it that they hold hands through the fence of their respective playgrounds at school. Ohmygosh, I can’t handle the sweetness.

3 Comments on on jacked-up foreheads and sibling love

  1. I am not sure what your dad meant about you and Libby—I doubt you held hands through the playground fence. Yes, she does appear to be Hindu—-. Did you make that dress?? It is an adorable pattern! Your posts always make me laugh and cry as well as make me think you should be an author not a nurse practitioner.


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