Remember Tamagotchis? You know, those little electronic keychain “pets” that flew off the toystore shelves faster than they could be replaced about 10 years ago? Kids spent hours upon hours caring for the hunger, waste, and overall happiness of their little virtual “pet”, i.e. a nondescript blob on a tiny LCD screen.

I don’t know if Matt ever had one of these electronic gadgets, but he has now found his “manly” equivalent in a little thing called “Computer Simulated Fantasy Baseball League.”

Now, fantasy sports are nothing new to me. I have grown all too accustomed to rushing home from church on Sunday afternoons in just enough time for Matt to “set his lineup,” and fantasy draft days rank right up there with Christmas and birthdays around here. Oh, but Matt’s “sim league” as he so affectionately refers to it, is different.

In all actuality, this whole “sim league” thing isn’t so new with Matt either, but for some reason, I have just recently taken the time to really gain a better grasp of what this all too unimpressive looking website is all about. As dumb as I may be when it comes to baseball, this one isn’t too tough to figure out. In short, Matt finds great joy in managing his team of fake players who play in imaginary games for nonexistent teams. He chooses who he will bench, who will be played, and I suppose he even spends time drafting these fictional players. The moment I grasped the premise behind this bizarre world of make-believe fantasy sports, I exclaimed, “Oh! It’s like Tamagotchis!”

So, what this all comes down to is that boys will be boys. If the oddest thing that my husband does in our marriage is to rush home to check on that status of his pretend baseball team, then so be it. I suppose it could be much worse.

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  1. Your husband has built a sim league fictional dynasty for years to come…the Baltimore Colts are the envy of the twenty other guys in this fictional baseball league and I’m pretty sure he’d win fictional general manager of the year if such an fictional award existed! 🙂

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